Salé-Sucré is part healthy lifestyle part Mediterranean diet, composed mainly of nuts and dried fruit. This way of life has been widely adopted outside the Mediterranean for its healthy and delicious characteristics.

At the center of our store, you will find individually packaged produits coming from the four corners of the Mediterranean: France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. We aim to select unique and rare products, reminiscing memories of a previous trip or from your childhood.

Half salty half sweet

Salé Sucré follows the rule of halves.

  • Half of our store offers salty products.
  • The other half offers sweet products.
  • Half of our products are sold in bulk
  • The other half of our products are sold individually

What is food in bulk?

The word bulk, or vrac in French, designates products that are not packages and that you can taste in their authentic freshness.


You can mix and match tastes and flavors either by yourself, or with the help of one of our smiling assistants. We also chose to offer our products in bulk in an eco-friendly fashion to decrease the number of unnecessary packaging used.

nutsA variety of products

At Salé-Sucré, we offer a variety of products. We offer several kinds of delicious pistachios instead of only one. In front of our silos, we are always available to help you choose between the Turkish, the Iranian, or the Californian import, and between the different kinds of seasonings.

Unique combinations

We also prepare our own home-made delicious mixes of nuts or driet fruit: the premium mix is our most popular and delicious mix. A new batch is prepared daily and placed behind the counter. It is made of twenty different kinds of almonds, nuts, cashews, and chickpears, and its goal is to help you discover our vast variety of nuts.

Our mixes are in constant evolution. Our new Zero Salt mix is the star of the year 2012.

A healthy offeringmjafaf

We favor dry roasting of nuts in the traditional Mediterranean way, as this way of preparing nuts preserves the original delicious tastes and helps you enjoy our products without added fat. As for the dried fruits, we prioritize fruits without added salt, and, as much as possible, without sulfites. We also offer you a wide variety of raw and natural nuts, without any preparation, as well as scaled nuts.

Newest products

Açaï berries and yacón are our newest arrivals.


Freshness is our priority

Our policy is based on freshness with a very strict management of the stocks. If we notice any decreasing demand for one product, we immediately withdraw it temporarily or definitely instead of offering you a product that is not fresh and delicious.



An ideal gift!

Our gift baskets are a great gift for any occasion.

Build your own basket or choose one of our pre-assembled baskets.

From 10$ à 50$.

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